Secondary Impact Crushers

SAES Secondary Impact Crushers are designed for reducing wear costs while increasing capacity and the amount of cubic product. Furthermore, these machines have a high level of durability, and this provides reducing maintenance duration and time. In addition on the specifications of classical impact crushers, these machines provides ease in setting by hydraulic system, protection against overloading and advantages during maintenance process with covers opening with hydraulic sleeves.


  • Vee-Belt drive system
  • Custom made rotor
  • Wear surfaces are protected by solid-filler electrode welding
  • Hammers and roof crushing plates are manufactured from high manganese steel casting
  • Inner surfaces of the crusher is coated with wear resistant lining plates
  • Hydraulic setting system
  • Chassis manufactured from steel frame
  • Electric motor with high performance and low voltage
  • Heavy duty type bearings.


  • Automatic grease lubrication system with PLC control
  • Frequency converter.