Dust Suppresing System

Dust Suppression Units

Dust suppression system spraying water droplets to reduce the amount of dust throughout the plant.

Dust suppression systems are an important factor to meet health, safety and environmental rules. It also helps to protect the health of the employees by preventing the dusting of the plant. SAES offers complete dust suppression solutions in the crushing and screening industry.

Our dust suppression systems keep the dust in the air under control by moistening only a small proportion without wetting the material. Our systems are easily installed and integrated into the system as a whole system without expensive and laborious installation.


Filter and Dust Holding Systems

The particles emitted during production processes must be free of working environment and aspiration air because they are important for environmental awareness and human health. Our wide product range and process-specific designs and dust collection systems are offered to you.

Bag type jet filters are designed according to powder type and process parameters. The bag type and characteristics to be used in the filter are determined according to the details of the process. The cleaning system can optionally be timed or with different pressure control.